Steel Diver demake

  • Playable on Nintendo Game Builder Garage
  • ID: G-004-1R9-6RJ
  • Created: 6/20/2021
  • Updated: 6/22/2021

I bought game-builder garage on release day. I own all 4 Nintendo Labo sets (which include a simpler version of the programming software), and have worked with the Construct 3 software, so I was already somewhat familiar with visual programming. I had been hoping that Nintendo would do some kind of release of Steel Diver onto the Switch, however it seems that isn’t in the cards.

So, I created this! It was my first non-tutorial creation, and I spent a great deal of time testing and refining the game. I had friends, family, and neighbors all try the game, and made improvements based on what I observed. For example, I found many people ignored the Air meter, so I made it flash and make noise once it got too low.

Two days after the initial release, I figured out how to create an accurate in game timer. To improve replay value, I added 4 ranks you can receive at the end, based on your time. The first is my personal best, followed by that of a child I was babysitting at the time, and the 3rd is my mother’s.

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