Progression and Portal to Penguins

For my college graphic design class, we were required to use Adobe’s 2015 Illustrator and Photoshop to create art pieces that fulfilled 2 pages of technical requirements.

The first piece that I made, titled “Progression” was made using vectors (essentially meaning that the image is all done with shapes and can be scaled indefinitely without loss of quality). It shows a 1980’s reel to reel computer that has been abandoned on a hill, and has begun to have nature retake it. I spent most of my time creating the computer, using reference photos such as this one, and trying to get the grass to look realistic (for a while it looked like spaghetti)

The progression of making progression

For our second project we were to create a warped image using three of our own photos and Photoshop’s tools. At the time (and still to this day) I had taken very few photos, and we were only allowed to use one stock photo, so I had to get creative with my piece. I wound up using all my own photos, two take on a Boy Scout camp-out, and one at SeaWorld.

A boyscout trailer that contains a portal to penguins, with a campsite located behind them.

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