M.O.S.I. Replica & 3D Print

  • Also Made by: Leroy717
  • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2


As part of the LAST Project, I’ve re-mastered the audio of the IMAX Dome Preshow. Again. This time, I’ve cleaned up the audio more, and created a video representation of the presentation. Also added an image comparison at the bottom of this page.

After a great deal of work modifying the world (at least 40 revisions) and one failed print (more on that here) the 3D print of MOSI was finally printed successfully, and I made a video explaining the process and some of the problems I encountered.

The project is now (mostly) complete! There are a few things I’d like to touch up on, but I feel at this point that this has gone on for long enough and an “official” release it somewhat overdue

Added the now mostly complete Kids in Charge building, the backstage area, along with links to my own photos and other references I’ve used online.

Original Post:

This is the worlds first replica of the Museum of Science and Industry located in Tampa. This is based on the original and kids in charge buildings in 2008, as seen from satellite, images and my personal memory. It is currently a work in progress.

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  • So glad that you could replicate where I had one of my childhood birthday parties! Thanks so much MrWonka!

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