Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The third and version was built by JsMovieguy13, kamini14, and MrWonka. It features a brand new facade, and upgraded chocolate, tunnel and invention rooms. Its also worth noting that the new up & out was first of its kind, and uses entirely vanilla Minecraft techniques.

Version two was an entire re-build of the factory, now set in its own dedicated world, built by MrWonka and kamini14. This was kamini’s first major build on the server, and a true testament of his talent. It also featured a re-imaging of the boat ride to make it similar to the movie, while still interesting in Minecraft, as well as the first use of the /clone command in any build by MrWonka.

This replica, based on the 1971 film, has one of the more interesting backstories of any attraction on RedstoneMC (now called ImagineMC). The first version was built by two fellows who had built their own replica of the factory on a creative server. I was so impressed by it, and not really wanting to build the factory myself, that I decided to let them build it on the server. Unfortunately they completed the entire project in two days, and upon completion it was opened to mixed reviews. I quickly closed it, fired both of the builders, and then renovated just about every portion of the build. This is what then opened and was considered to be the version one build.

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