Song: My Ire, Grows Higher

I’ve released my first solo song, “My Ire Grows Higher“, onto all major streaming platforms! It’s a parody* of “Hellfire” from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. For the most part, I wrote the song backwards, with the finale being the first part that came to me! The song went through 3 major revisions, and took over 20 hours to make.

For the music video, I got costuming from Goodwill, and used what else I had in my apartment.

Everything was recorded by myself, often multiple times. In the video, I couldn’t see how it looked until AFTER I had recorded it. I used smart lighting to make the room the various different colors seen in the video. The finale proved to be especially challenging as the camera didn’t know what to focus on. Using real candles by my side proved to be too much light, so I opted to only use fake LED ones instead, and have a real candle by my feet, blown by a fan to give a nice flickering effect.

I was worried about uploading this project to any platform, because the legality of such projects are very murky, and often come down to the whim of the right holders. Thankfully, after a bit of learning and finagling I was able to get it posted to all major music platforms. Annoyingly, there’s another artist named “Mr.Wonka” that Apple Music tied my song to. He only started releasing music this year, and apparently couldn’t be bothered to search and/or didn’t care that I already own the domain, and have a sizeable YouTube channel with a very similar name. I’m currently working on resolving the issue.

*Not legally a parody, because it isn’t a commentary on the original song, but instead a lyric swap.

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