I’ve redesigned my SKEE-BALL machine from the ground up. Made using only LEGO parts (and extension cables), this machine features scoring, a plunger launcher, 3 light up targets, and game card reader. The aim of this redesign was to address the problems that the original had, including being hard to play, jamming, and misreading the score. It features 3 game modes, Classic, Blackout, and Precision.

V1 (October 30th, 2023) :

After seeing how much fun it was to create my own custom LEGO maze, I decided to play around with the LEGO Powered Up/Spike Prime/MINDSTORMS/WeDo 2.0/WhateverTheNameIsThisMonth system to create an arcade machine. This was inspired by a cardboard SKEE-BALL machine I made when I was younger, that used the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 computer and motors to operate it. Looking on YouTube, I was largely disappointed by the SKEE-BALL machines made by other creators, and felt I could create a more true to life version, using Technic parts. After 7 (4 in software, then another 3 in real life) design iterations, this was the final result.

Design Process:

You’ll notice the design is a bit different from the final build. This was due to it being too fragile, and difficult. The upper targets were literally impossible to score, and so I removed them.

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