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Updated Jul 12th 2018

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For our final project we had to make our own water simulation, which fulfilled these requirements: It had to have a way to change the temperature, had to be semi-accurate, and had to have a pressure reading. I created most of the project assets myself using Paint3D. Earlier versions had a way for the molecules to escape out an intentional gap at the bottom, and would “explode” (creating a large explosion picture which would delete all molecules on the screen) if the pressure became >50.

This was primarily to prevent leaking, which was an issue that no one could fully solve. In a nutshell, when the simulation ran too quickly or too many items were on screen the computer sometimes lost track of the molecules, allowing them to escape outside of the box. My solution was to “cheat” by having 3 sides be the border of the simulation, so that any leaking would be less obvious, and the “explosion” would prevent you from overwhelming the sim.

After the first round of demos the professor expressed that I should remove both my gap and explosion, hence making the final version the “anti-fun edition”. Although of the final projects mine was probably the most visually appealing and easy to use (and even works on mobile). I believe I wound up making a 93.

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