DIY Haunted House

WELCOME MORTALS TO YOUR DOOM! This year I’ve opened my house to the public, and have created a walkthrough haunted house. Each room is themed to a different Halloween Cliche.

This is my first public Tower Unite project. My idea was to make a Haunted House similar to what you might see someone make in real life. Hence, everything is either a prop, real item, or made, and nothing is impossible. In a few places you can even see how they did it, for example you can see spotlights or unused furniture shoved in a corner.

The house itself is an in-game premade structure. I decorated it, changed textures, and added walls to make it a linear experience. I wanted to make it so you entered and exited out the front, so I spent probably 20 minutes routing different paths, and then using the one that gave me the most rooms. In the end however, only about half of the total structure is used.

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