Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Based on the 2005 movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this build has been revised 4 times, and is the most accurate replica of the factory in Minecraft.

Version four was a complete rebuild of the factory, now in its own dedicated world, built by MrWonka and Kamini14. It is by far the largest version, and features the most detail, along with new audio editing to create the custom audio for the river ride and elevator.

Version three was an overhaul of many of the rooms in version two, due in part due to a large chunk error that wiped out most of the invention room and elevator ride.

The second version was built on RedstoneMC (The former name for ImagineMC), and was the first major attraction on the server. It was built mainly by MrWonka, Harley6000, and Tytess.

The first version was built on the now defunct server WeechWeb, and was created largely in part to the community, in which ~8 people worked on the build.

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