Frequently Asked Questions Privacy Policy TL;DR – We don’t sell any personal data. If your paranoid you can read the entire policy by clicking here. Info Only download my work from the www.EclecticInventor.com website or the MrWonka Planet Minecraft, any … Read More

Rock Paper Scissors AI

One day at school one of my friends showed me a .bat file he made, where you could play rock paper scissors against a computer (random number generator). I liked the concept so much that I decided to make my … Read More

Eagle Scout Project

Project Overview Work Day 1 – Setting the letters Work Day 2 – Sanding, paint, and sealing Work Day 3 – Instillation and assembly Work Day 4 – Planting and Adding lamps


If you haven’t already, see the Volcano project page. This was my last new project in Algodoo. Since then I’ve tinkered with improving my older projects, but I have not created any new videos or projects using Algodoo. The reason … Read More

Alien Pinball

This Algodoo project has been my longest in development, going from 2013-2017. It is, to my knowledge, the most advanced pinball machine made in Algodoo, featuring missions and multi-ball. In 2017 I redid the multi-ball logic so that you no … Read More

Picture Ball Machine

Originally created in 2015, the picture ball machine was an experiment in using photos along with invisible barriers to create a marble run. I was quite pleased with the result, but disappointed by the response to it on Algobox (The … Read More

Robot Dogeball – TF2 Engie Announcer

On a whim I decided to create a custom announcer for robot disco doge-ball. I wanted to use the engineer, so I was able to track down the sound files and then modify and compile them to work with robot … Read More

Progression and Portal to Penguins

For my college graphic design class, we were required to use Adobe’s 2015 Illustrator and Photoshop to create art pieces that fulfilled 2 pages of technical requirements. The first piece that I made, titled “Progression” was made using vectors (essentially … Read More

Marble Machine

This was one of the final things I created in Algodoo. I created this on a long car trip from Florida to Iowa, where for the majority of the time I did not have internet, so I instead spent most … Read More