Most all of these projects either run in a modern browser or on a Windows 10 computer.


Here you’ll find everything I’ve made in Minecraft. If available for download, you’ll need Minecraft Java Edition to open them.


While I no longer create things in Algodoo, I have posted here my collection of past creations. Algodoo, a free physics simulator, is required to run these.

In Real Life

These are based on, or exist in the real world. As in the planet earth conveniently located in the milky way galaxy.


Updates Original Post: After getting stuck in development hell, I am pleased to finally release ArcadeTonic for FREE (with ads) to the public on Kongregate. ArcadeTonic gives you the experience of the arcade, without the money! Featuring 8 legally ambiguous … Read More

Universal’s Jaws Ride

I’ve loved the Jaws ride for the longest time, and rode it religiously on every visit to Universal. I really enjoyed all the practical effects that the ride featured, and was heart broken when the ride was replaced by harry … Read More

Rolling Marble Clock

Behold the magnificent rolling ball clock! Based on aBowman’s Ball clock, (which was built in the soon to be defunct adobe flash) this is my first app, and is now available offline without ads on Windows Store for just $0.99! … Read More